AYAKI graduated with a major in Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music.
He won the IAJE Big Band Contest,
and won the Jazz Japan Award in the Album of the Year Fusion department at TRIX (played until 2021), won the highest place in the International Electone Competition, and passed the Electone Grade 2nd grade!
He will provide his private online lesson!

This lesson is available for beginner and intermediate to advanced students aiming to become professionals and professional players who would like to improve their level more!
(Note: Those who have no experience playing musical instruments or those who can’t read the sheet music at all may not be eligible.)

【Contents】:Jazz piano & electric organ,
jazz theory of chord progression etc., jazz improvisation and comping, jazz composition and jazz arranging for horn sections, strings, and big band writing, how to write a lead sheet used at the scene of the jam session, advice on typing DTM sound source data on a PC (e.g., drumming, etc.). He will be able to respond to each of their goals.

【Price】$90 per lesson. (On-Line.Skype)

✴️It’s possible for up to 2 hours at the same price! Students can freely customize their lesson time.
(Example) 60 minutes is somewhat short, but 2 hours feels long, so 90 minutes may be acceptable, etc.

✴️Audio & Video recording during the lesson are also possible! Also, if students have any questions about what you did in the lesson, AYAKI will be able to respond by e-mail each time!

【Payment method】Paypal is acceptable.

【Schedule】We will be able to adjust each other’s schedules. Students can cancel or change the day of the lesson. And AYAKI will be able to respond flexibly, from once a month to once every two months, twice every three to four months.
However, he recommends that students take the lesson at least once every six months. And he also recommends 2 hours✖︎Twice a month to students who have the recitals, concerts, grade exams, and competitions near and would like to take lessons in a short time!

《⭐️He could also respond to those who say they don’t take lessons but would like to get performance advice!》
He prefers their compressed audio data or performance video into Dropbox or Giga File, etc. And send it by e-mail. He will give them advice by e-mail.
Price: $45 per case.

And he will be able to respond to correction and making of music sheets, and sound source data (drums, etc.) are also available. (*Prices are negotiable)

For more information, please contact below.