Date: 2023年6月7日
Time: 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Location: Ikebukuro Absolute Blue

Creative Jazz Trio Triple Plus


CJT:Takafumi Kakizaki (dr) Ayaki (p) Noriaki Hosoya (b)
+Miya (Flute)
+Anna Koike(Trumpet & Vocal)
+Hirokazu Yamaguchi (Guitar)

Creative Jazz Trio led by Takafumi Kakizaki makes its first appearance at Absolute Blue in many years. The trio, which has recently been active in the “CJT Japonisme” project, a collaboration with gagaku (ancient Japanese court music), will be joined by Hirokazu Yamaguchi, Miya, and Anna Koike for a live performance under the theme of “Deep in the Forest”.

Come and take a peek into the deep forest landscape created by the sounds of contemporary jazz.

open18:30/ start19:30

MC ¥4,000 (+ 1drink)

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