Date: 2023年7月6日
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Warabi-Shi Our Delight

Reiko Yamamoto(Vib)

Open 19:00
Start 19:30

▼ MC General=3,600 yen including tax, students under 29 years old main work 1100 yen, adults under 29 years old 2,600 yen, drink ticket worth 1,000 yen separately.
▼Students and working adults under 29 years old must present their student ID or a document showing their date of birth at the reception desk.
▼If you wish to leave the venue during the 1st set only, please inform the staff at the time of payment.
▼If you enter during the break after the 1st set or during the 2nd set, you will be charged 500 yen discount and the drink ticket will be 500 yen