Date: 2023年1月23日
Time: 7:45 PM
Location: Sangen-Jaya GRAPEFRUiTSMOON

Bass Juna Serita
Guitar May Inoue
Sax Patrick Bartley
Keyboard AYAKI
Drums Satoshi Bandou 

OPEN19:00 /START19:45
Advance tickets 4,500 yen (drink not included)
No tickets at the door

【Reservation & Tickets】
■Reservation :
[Reservation start : 1/3(Wed.) 12:00~.]

1drink order
Entrance by numbered seating
All seats unreserved / standing room only
Admission capacity is limited. Please note that there is a limited number of seats available.
This performance will be held with a limited number of audience members and will be streamed live for a fee.

■Purchase tickets for live webcast URL(Twitcasting Premiere) :

☆The archive of this webcast will be available for one week (1/30).
Purchasers will still be able to view it after the end of the show day on 1/23 (Mon.).

Please come to the store just before the meeting time as the neighborhood is a residential area. Please arrive just before the meeting time as the neighborhood is a residential area.
Entrance control will begin about 10 minutes prior to the opening of the event.
Please refrain from gathering in front of the store before that time.

*Admission to the live show may be cancelled due to the current situation.
We may decide to cancel the admission in consideration of the situation. Please be aware that there is a possibility that the admission may be cancelled due to the situation. Please be aware of this and reserve your admission ticket.

Please note that payment will be made at the time of admission, and no advance payment or actual tickets will be sent to you.

Please note that we will not send the actual ticket in advance.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in our efforts to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please take your temperature and disinfect your body with alcohol when you enter the store.
Please refrain from coming to the restaurant if your body temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, or if you are not feeling well.
3. Please refrain from loud conversations during non-live time as we will be ventilating the room.
4. Please wear a mask except during eating and drinking hours.
5. Please remain seated during live performances and refrain from any behavior that may cause the audience to be in close proximity to the performers.
6. Please refrain from shaking hands with performers or taking pictures in close proximity to them.
Waiting for performers to enter or exit the venue is prohibited.
Staff members will be required to wear masks while working.

We ask for your cooperation in taking other actions to avoid the risk of infection as much as possible.
If you do not cooperate, we regret to inform you that you may not be allowed to enter.

We have alcohol and masks for disinfection available for your use.