Date: 2022年8月25日
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Roppongi Craps

Ken Ota(sax)
Nozomu Kumagai(b)
Ryo Kawamura(d)

Doors open/18:00
Doors open/19:00

■Price/Music Charge/5,200 yen (500 yen up on the day of the concert) tax included
800 yen will be charged separately for 1st DRINK when you enter the venue.
In addition to 1st DRINK, please order 1 order (drink is also acceptable).
Free seating in the order of arrival.
Food and beverage are not included in the price.

We ask that you take your temperature, use disinfectant, and wear a mask when entering the restaurant. (Please refrain from coming to the restaurant if you are not in good health.)

Reservations and Inquiries
【Roppongi Craps】※Operator: AFC Co.
tel: 03-6441-3171 (from 15:00 on the day of the performance)